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Empowered Earth Wellness Solutions

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Empowered Earth Wellness Solutions

622 3rd St SE
Medicine Hat, AB

At Empowered Earth Wellness, we know that healthy individuals/global citizens create healthier families, business', & communities that we can all benefit from.

We are passionate & committed to bringing a diverse set of tools, practices & resources, along with generations of Empowering Healing Helper hard-earned Wisdom and experience earned, teaching you preventative healthy lifetyle essentials, how to address root causes of Holistic Health & Life challenges, at any age or stage of Life. 

Our goal is to provide what is required to access  your innate healing, highest evolution & fulfillment of Physical, mental-emotional & spiritual wellness, as is sustainable and regenerative long term. 

Combining 20+ natural health modalities, and integrative somatic therapies, we personalize the priority path to align body, soul, heart and mind, for Optimum Wellness. 

Whole Life Alignment Body-Mind-Soul Wellness Empowerment 

For all ages.

Whole Life Alignment Holistic Health Services include:

-Moving Meditations 

-Water-Fasting Support & Retreats

-Enhanced Kinesiology

-Muscle Testing 

-Holistic Health Education Classes & Presentations

-Epigentics & Subconscious Belief Work 



-Sound & Frequency Healing

-Advanced Theta DNA Healing

-Natal & Medical Astrology Soul Coaching & personalized Interpretation Books

-Behaviour Modification Integration

-Advanced Energy Healing (well beyond Reiki Mastership)

-Nutritional Counselling

-End of Life Doula support

-Quantum DNA Healing Activations & Acceleration

-Integrative Breathwork Journeys

-Somatic Emotional Release Therapies

-Whole Life Alignment Facilitator Certification Training 

-Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance

-Spiritual Counselling 


-Re-birthing experiences 

-Therapeutic Grade Essential oils

-Trauma-informed Classes, workshops, retreats & personalized wellness plans for Optimum Holistic Wellness 

-Holistic Wellness Mentorship

-Energy-enhancing Crystal healing & empowering creative playshops 

And more. 

Authentic embodied wisdom, with compassionate, effective & empowering education & support.

Request a consult on our website, & our Whole Life Alignment™️ & Empowered Earth Founder, KaiLani, will connect you with your most aligned options and resources: